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Create more a-ha moments

We can help you with the whole journey

Gone are the days when screens were sneakily glanced at under the desk.

Now they’re part of everyday schooling.


    We believe that technology has the power to transform the classroom. But the foundation never changes: a dedication to learning that's in our DNA.


    We are ready to hold your hand through the entire transformation with training and support for teachers students and parents.


    More and more schools have realised the potential of placing technology in the hands of learners. The iPad has been key in this transformation.


    At Onsite IT Support we've formed strategic partnerships with some of the world leaders in this sector. We understand the needs of our schools.


    Your school will be fully equipped to develop and deliver capable leaders ready to function and innovate in today's rapidly changing world.

We believe technology has the power to transform the classroom and redefine the way in which we teach and learn. We support schools, colleges & academies in developing and realising their vision for the future of education.

ICT Strategy


Whether you have just started or already have some form of ICT in your school, our team can assist you in planning for the future and developing an ICT strategy that can meet your needs where you are and scale as you grow.

ICT Integration

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Looking at new technology and wondering how this new technology fits with what you already have? Our team can provide you with a full assessment on your current environment and assist you to successfully integrate your new technology.

Managed Services


Not sure how you will manage all your new technology? Onsite IT can manage your ICT services with a Service Level Agreement. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let us take the hassle out of your IT department. Leaving you connected and in control.



Being connected to the internet is a basic requirement in todays connected world. Onsite IT can assist you with acquiring the right bandwidth for your needs. We can also assist you with Enterprise grade WiFi across your campus so that all your devices are connected.

Device Management


Rolling out tablets to your school? Day to day management of devices can be a pain if you don’t have a Mobile Device Manager. Manage all your device from one dashboard from anywhere. Ensuring that your devices are controlled and within the schools policy.



Building a new computer lab, or upgrading servers? Looking for a new printer or your monthly ink and toner requirements? Our strong relationship with South Africa’s top suppliers allow us to offer you all the IT Hardware you may require at best prices!

Don’t get left behind, Empower your school today!